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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Doc Brown - 20 FREE papers

No I didn't fall off the planet...but almost

If you have been collecting my series of papers you might have wondered what happen to me. Well I was sick for a while. Without going into details for all the world to see I had to take some time off and heal. I am feeling better physically but emotionally it took it's toll on me. I'm really lucky to have a few friends who were really there for me to let me, because my family was the pits during most of this ordeal.

OH and right when my drama all started I was invited by an awesome designer to be on her Creative Team! So I'm now designing for Man in the Moon Designs and don't forget about my first CT job AnnaBV Designs

So now that I'm feeling better I've been trying to get organized again and create some layouts. I designed some Christmas Cards for friends in return for letting them use the examples on my new Facebook Page and my new website I plan to launch in the new year.

I just finished our Christmas Card in the last two days and still haven't mailed them out yet! Guess everyone will get them after Christmas this year... oh well!

So onto the missing Brown Papers. I finished them right before Halloween, and used one in my Halloween card

I just zipped them tonight and decided I better come over to my blog and post them before next year *grin*

Make sure you download BOTH files

Download Doc Brown Papers # 1-10 here

Download Doc Brown Papers # 11-20 here

please leave some lovin and let me know WHAT COLOR NEXT! I'll even do more of a color that I already did, so just ask.

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