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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well I guess I suck. I can't believe how upset I just got reading yet another rejection email on how sorry they are to tell me I'm not good enough to be on their creative team.
Honestly the tears came down my face like I just lost my job. I must be designing something wrong or my LOs are too busy or too big or too... too something, I just don't have the 'it factor' and it's really upsetting.
Makes me think I am wasting my time even trying to make my own kits...which by the way I refused to buy Commercial Use products and put them in a "kit" and say I made it. I am taking pictures, scanning and drawing my own elements! But it's taking a lot of time because my little guy needs most of my time.

ok I'm done crying


Keryn said...

Please don't give up - I think your work is awesome. I love that it is all your own too - I think that makes it more special. Sending you hugs....Keryn

Damsel said...

wow thank you! your comment really made me smile.

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