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Friday, April 16, 2010

digi dare ya!

hey have you heard about digi dara ya? Well I just found out about them, and their challenges are really awesome!

this week's challenge is to create a chart/graph or something to show how your life is divided.

"Dare Flares:
*The main design of the layout should be in the form of or based around a graph or a chart. It doesn’t *have* to be a pie chart or a bar graph… feel free to be creative here. As long as it’s something visual that clearly shows the different areas of your life.

*Each “section” of your life should contain a title (to show what that section represents).

*Each section must also be distinctive and able to stand alone. Have each section vary in size, shape, or color… use a form of measurement or number… or even images and text. Again… feel free to be creative here!

*Photos are not a must but if you choose to use them, personal and/or stock photos are acceptable.

Make it as clean and graphic as you like, or as layered and jumbled as you like. You can make it all deep and serious, or exaggerated and funny. Just make sure each area can be recognized. And as always, have FUN with it and be expressive!!! I can’t wait to see what you create!"

It seems like a prefect challenge for me because I feel like I'm being pulled into different directions. Check it out for yourself.


Jody said...

Hi, just wondering if you will be sharing an April calendar template? I have the ones from Jan-Mar

Anonymous said...
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Maria said...

haha I have to still make April's Calendar!

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