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Sunday, September 11, 2011

OMG I am going to be sick!

I used to be an advocate for backing up your work! I even used to post monthly messages to remind all of you to back up your work.

The last time I backed up to my other hard drive I got a message telling me there wasn't enough room. Did I buy another one??????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

You know where this is going.....

Late Saturday night my EHD fell off the table and onto the floor...and of course it didn't work! I tried and tried but nothing!

Today I went over to Best Buy to the Geek Squad and gave them my External Hard Drive to fix.

They were very nice, took my info and EHD and I even bought another back up EHD.

Less than an hour ago, Matt from the Geek Squad called to tell me it was worse than they thought and they have to ship it out to some super duper Geek Squad place. I have to go back tomorrow morning to fill out more paper work and pay more money! And he still wasn't sure if they could fix it.

I feel sick! Just the photos of my son alone make me upset! All the scrap files I could deal with, but missing pictures from April (the last time I backed up) to August has me very upset.

You know the moral of this story.. stop what you are doing and BACK UP YOUR WORK!!

This has been a Damsel in DISTRESS public service announcement!


slehc said...

I learned the hard way after I lost a bunch of pictures. I think it takes something like that for us to really realize why it is important. Now I back up to 2 separate hard drives :) I hope they can fix it for you :(

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