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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Evil Eye!

My son had a little goop in the corner of his eye on last Friday. I didn't think anything of it because our cat Miss Onyx scratched him again. (I wonder when he'll learn to pet her nicely) anyway I thought the goop was from the scratch on his face, which just happened so I cleaned his face and put A&D on the scratches.

Saturday morning he a little more goop so once again I cleaned him up. The rest of the day he was fine, no other goopy stuff. I was able to run out and see some friends I hadn't seen in years, then came home to get ready for my cousin's wedding reception.

We left for the reception at 6pm and by 9pm there was something wrong with my eye! I had tons of goop too. UT OH! I went by my aunt and asked her if it was pink eye because I never had it before. She said yep, looks like it. So we left the reception so I wouldn't infect anyone.

By Sunday morning I couldn't open my left eye and my right one was gooping up all over the place. My husband drove us to the immedicenter where they treated both my me and my son...who had it first but didn't have it as bad.

I spent the rest of the day wishing I could put my eyeball in a jar and wash out my eye socket! Holy Moly I couldn't take the itchiness and burning. My husband whipped down the whole house and cleaned all of our son's toys, while I did nothing!

I have to say this was the FIRST time I was sick that my husband took care of things. My eye is still a little itchy but mostly it feels dry! I did very little in the way of making papers this week, but I did scrap book a few pages.

Here is a scrap page of the Evil Eye of the Pink!


Keryn said...

Oh so sorry to hear that both you and your son were struck down with conjunctivitis. It is so awful isn't it. Our son used to get it when he was little and had a sinus infection. It always seemed to end up infecting his eyes too. Hope you are both on the mend now.

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