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Friday, July 31, 2009

Working on a full kit

I started working on a FULL kit. And I don't mean buying a bunch of elements for commercial use. In fact I'm a little sick and tired of buying a kit only to open it up and find the SAME RIBBON or the SAME GLITTER SPLATTER! If you ever get a kit from me, it will be all of MY WORK! (ok I'm off my soap box)

here is a page I created that the elements and paper will be in this "unnamed kit"


Crystal said...

Beautiful page. Can't wait to see what the kit looks like!

fl_connie said...

Yahhh! You can get up on your soap box ANY time as far as I am concerned! There are only so many ways something can be recolored to make it look different - and I know how to recolor, darn it! And if I can share your soap box one minute - when I walk into a real scrapbooking store (I used to do 100% paper - still go & look, but almost always buy digi!) and see crumpled, torn, dirty papers being sold as art - I MAY believe that it is. Won't buy it - but that's nothing new. I try hard not to buy it now OR cardboard. Okay - I'm off your soap box - thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to see your new kit!

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