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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Speed Scrap Tonight!!!!!!

Hey I just saw there is a speed scrap tonight over at Scrap Matters. Speed scraps are my favorite, not for the prizes but for the directions and to beat the clock! Unlike most people I do the speed scrap as the directions are posted, which usually makes me one of the first ones done...unless of course my son is screaming.

So join me over in the forum at Scrap Matters for Speed Scrap #188.

And if you know of other speed scraps or events on other sites, please let me know!


Simona said...

I love Speed Scraps, too. Unfortunately I'm on the other side of Earth (Italy) so I hardly ever can join one for the time but when I can I love it! I am not that fast you said you are because once the instructions go on I find I picked up a wrong kit or something like that. A real funny mess!
To answer your "question" most scrapbooking forums organise SS, I mostly like those at Stuff To Scrap forum and also Ginger Scraps. They do a lot of them during each month so if you would like to join us you will sure find a place for you!

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